Reiki Energy Healing

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Reiki Energy Healing

This healing is for those in need of processing through energetic difficulties or a crisis. I will utilize reiki, oracle cards, crystal healing, etc as part of the spiritual healing process. I will assess and help you identify areas of need and what is perpetuating them. I will provide mantras, crystals, and other healing modalities to help clear out any blockages and bring awareness to the ares of your life where healing is needed.

30 Minute Healing: $30   – – – – – – 45 Minute Healing $50

Contact for Distant Healing Prices

When booking your session please include the following:

– What you are seeking to gain from the reading or consultation. This will help me prepare on where to direct our session

– Any supplemental information regarding the current situation.

– Contact information including: email, phone number, first and last name.

Sessions can be conducted either through Skype, phone or if you are in the Buffalo area, in person. You are welcome to record and can be paid via PayPal or Venmo.

Appointment confirmation upon payment received 

To Book Email:

Natural and Alternative Healings

Often in western culture we compartmentalize the way we heal ourselves. I want to bring  holistic healing services to light and create an avenue to learn and heal yourself as a whole, the mind, body, and spirit. I come from a mental health background and envelope the importance of acknowledging the whole self, not just parts of it.  Please click HERE for frequently asked questions or feel free to contact me with any questions regarding natural and alternative healings.

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