Starting 2019 with Self-Acceptance

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” - Amy Bloom   We will launch into 2019 talking about mental health, numerology, angel numbers, and techniques to practice self-acceptance. Topics Covered:  Card of 2019: Andean Cross Mental Health focus of 2019 Acceptance of Self Progress forward 12 Numerology Angel Number 3 Techniques [...]


Monthly Mental Health: Caring Confrontations

  "Confrontation should always leave a person's dignity in tact"  Powerful words to open up this month's mental health topic. This podcast devillianizes confrontation and dives into what caring confrontations are and how to apply them. Topics Covered:  Venus Retrograde and Mercury Shadow Period Differences in Confrontations Defining Caring Confrontations Applying this concept to your [...]

Is Anxiety Blocking your Energy???

Anxiety. Anxiety. Anxiety.... Who else hears this word far to often in their daily life. Anxiety has become a mainstreamed into our vocabulary. What once was a word to describe a mental health disorder is now embodied by the masses and a way to verbalize our nervousness, irritability, and debilitating stress. With such an epidemic, [...]

Going within to Grow Outward: 5 Way to Self-Evaluate

Happy October!!! Doesn't it always feel fresh to start a new month?? As we dive into fall and the warm summer breezes shift into brisk mornings our energy is shifting too. Now it wouldn't be a good time without some planet being in retrograde...right?? Well we are in luck. Pluto is going direct and starting [...]

Keeping Emotions in Check through Retrogrades, Eclipses, and Moon Cycles

  So if you have not heard, we have had some super duper intense astrological stuff going on.  We have had planets moving in and out of retrograde (yes including our good old friend Mercury) eclipses, and of course much of these all coming together around the full moon in July.  We may be past [...]