Our Story

Wildcrafting by definition is the art of gathering herbs, flowers, and other plants from the wild to use in medicine or food.

While we may not mixing up concoctions to heal in the traditional sense, Wildcrafters Candles will fill your space with aromatic magic and healing energy. Wildcrafters Candles encompasses elements of nature, aromatherapy, and crystal healing into each of our products. We want to inspire people to explore the grassroots of healing and remind them of how much the world around them has to offer.

The vision of Wildcrafters Candles is not merely about creating candles. Wildcrafters Candles purpose is to facilitate deeper connections between our customers and their senses, to remain grounded with nature, and to view healing in a new way. Each candle is thoughtfully crafted with scents to stimulate the energy in the air and is paired with a complementary healing crystal to enhance a positive aura. Wildcrafters Candles wants to add to your sacred space in a powerful and inspiring way.

All Wildcrafters Candles products are hand crafted locally. Candles are created using 100% USA soy wax, lead free wicks, and body grade essential oils. All candles are mindfully  crafted to ensure the best possible quality for each individual candle. Making products by hand means there is only a limited quantity.  This also means you know where your money is going, not to a big box store, but a small business. Wildcrafters Candles wants you to feel good about your purchase and the energy it will bring to you!

We encourage you to get back to nature and be present in the world around you. There are vibrant and incredible things to be seen, heard, and felt. Heighten the vibration of your energy and let your visions run free.


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