Is Anxiety Blocking your Energy???

Anxiety. Anxiety. Anxiety…. Who else hears this word far to often in their daily life. Anxiety has become a mainstreamed into our vocabulary. What once was a word to describe a mental health disorder is now embodied by the masses and a way to verbalize our nervousness, irritability, and debilitating stress.

With such an epidemic, how are you working to protect yourself or loved ones from the symptoms of anxiety? As a counselor I encourage client’s to view their mental health just as they would their physical health. Anxiety is such an overwhelming mental state that it surpasses effecting our emotions and thoughts. Anxiety has negative somatic and energetic symptoms as well. Remember to view yourself as a whole, mental states often effect our bodies and energy (don’t get me started on a mind-body connection rant).

What this Podcast Covers:

  • Non-clinical definition of anxiety
  • Society views and impacts of anxiety
  • How anxiety impacts our mind
  • What main chakras anxiety impacts
  • Instincts of anxiety
  • How to improve symptoms and unblock chakras



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