Going within to Grow Outward: 5 Way to Self-Evaluate

Happy October!!! Doesn’t it always feel fresh to start a new month?? As we dive into fall and the warm summer breezes shift into brisk mornings our energy is shifting too.

Now it wouldn’t be a good time without some planet being in retrograde…right?? Well we are in luck. Pluto is going direct and starting on October 5th Venus will be moving into a retrograde period. I am going to stop you right there…this is not a bad retrograde!! (they really aren’t all that bad) SO throughout this Venus retrograde we will be provided with the energy to turn within ourselves and evaluate our wants, needs, and values.

I often share with my clients how easy it is to get caught up in everyone else’s shit, and at times caught up with ourselves, and forget to really evaluate what is going on with us. It is important to break down where we are at and conduct some self evaluation because that helps us gain direction and really reflect on where we want to go.

Ways to have a Healthy Self-Evaluation

Before you even start to evaluate yourself and the facets of your life it is good to take time and get yourself into a positive space. Often times we are self-critical and cast a lot of negative judgement on ourselves.  A healthy self-evaluation should be objective and seen as a tool on where you are really killing it and where you may be having some challenges.

Recall and reflect on Values: Do you feel like what you value reflect the life you are living? Do you embody your values and work them into your everyday life? Have your values changed and how have the shifted? Take time to acknowledge any changes made or any changes that need to be made.

Identify your needs: Take some time a write down what your current needs are. These can be interpersonal, material, or even existential. Remember this is about YOU and where you are at. This is also a good time to distinguish wants and needs which may have gotten mixed up in the hustle and bustle of life. Are your needs contributing to current goals or directions you have?

Energy Journal: Feel like some of your energy is being wasted? Write down your daily tasks and evaluate what your schedule is like. Is time being wasted on unnecessary activities an people? Are you building in time for you and self-care? Evaluate areas you feel you are doing well at and where changes are needed.

Mind, body, and Spirit: Break down the whole you. Look at each facet of yourself. Sometimes we neglect one part of ourselves because we feel okay or stable there; we have to continue to maintain what is keeping us healthy all around! Plan some time for self-care and to work on each part of you.

Ask for help: This may be the hardest way to evaluate ourselves, but sometimes an outside perspective can be helpful! Seek out counseling, holistic services (I offer both of those!) and other consultation to gain insight into where you may needs some healing to occur.

Why to Evaluate Ourselves

Venus is the planet of love…that includes loving ourselves! Self-evaluate provides insight to where we need to keep growing and where we need to continue to work on ourselves.

We also evaluate ourselves to see where we stand with ourselves. I know that sounds generic, but self-evaluation gives us a marker on if we are continuing to grow, if we have become stagnant, or have we regressed in any areas. Self-evaluation allows us to reflect both internally and externally and provides guidance directions for growth and what facets of our life to focus on.

What this is not a time for

During a retrograde there are always certain aspects of our life we need to be wary of. Throughout the Venus retrograde please be mindful about starting or ending “big” relationships. They could be with long term friends, business partners, or significant others, but proceed with caution. Retrogrades are about slowing down. By slowing down other outside influences and relationships this provides time to focus in on ourselves.

Self-evaluation is also not a time to be critical. When we take the time to reflect it is not to tear ourselves down. We are assessing ourselves to objectively see where we are at. This is not a “good vs bad” or “positive vs negative” concept. Everyone needs a check up or check in with themselves!

Want to listen in? Click HERE to check out my podcast on this topic!


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