Keeping Emotions in Check through Retrogrades, Eclipses, and Moon Cycles


So if you have not heard, we have had some super duper intense astrological stuff going on.  We have had planets moving in and out of retrograde (yes including our good old friend Mercury) eclipses, and of course much of these all coming together around the full moon in July.  We may be past some of this, but throughout August and into Septemeber we can expect to feel new energies (we have an upcoming particial eclipse) and lingering astrological energies from July.


What are the Planets doing to your Emotions?

You can dive in to your own birth chart to see how these planets can directly be effecting you, but one thing this amount of energy will cause is a shift in our emotions. This shift can manifest in a number of ways. It can be creative energy, happiness, impulsivity, depression, frustration.  Have you taken time to evaluate your emotions lately? Are you feeling things more intensely? Take some time to find themes and how you emotions have been manifesting over the past 4 to 6 weeks.

Personally I have had a difficult time, especially throughout July. With each planet that moved into retrograde I seemed to become more frustrated. I would cry out of irritation and felt stuck in my emotions. I struggled to pull myself out of this emotional irraticness. My mind was so wrapped up in my emotional mind that I could not be objective and even observe that I was acting this way.

Regulating Your Emotions

The first step in regulating your emotions is to acknowledge that they are not in a healthy space. Gain an objective view of your emotions by reflecting on your feelings or gaining insight from friends, family, or counselor. Take some time to see if your emotions are imbalanced in each part of your life or maybe just one facet. I seemed to really struggle in the workplace, but at home was emotionally stable.

It may take some time to get yourself in a more stable space, but there are some skills you can practice to not let your emotions overtake you.

  • Ride the wave of the emotion. Let it run it course and move on.
  • Instead of making an emotional decision, find facts and rational for the decision. Take some time to go over all options and make an informed logical decision.
  • Ensure you are having enough you time and self care. Our emotions will become more difficult to manage when we are not taking care of ourselves
  • Do some research. Look into where this astrological energy may be effecting you. Take the time to talk to people that may be effected by those emotions and be transparent.

More Resources

Want to learn more about what is going on up in space?? Here are some awesome websites where you can read more about retrograde and its impact:



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