Coping with Moon Energy

Who felt the intense energy of that last full moon on April 29th/30th??  The energy was not only intense the few days before and after, but I could continue to feel the re-radiating energy long after the full moon had gone.  This lingering energy made me reflect on how I had coped with the intensity of this full moon.

This past full moon was in Scorpio which has a tendency to make situations and energy deeper, intense, and more emotional. I always feel like Scorpio energy takes a toll on my mental health. During this full moon I felt the full depths of some beautiful emotions, as well as some darker emotions.  I felt anger and jealousy creep up, but also manic feelings of elation and joy.  The spectrum I felt all of these in was such a short period of time it became overwhelming. I took some time out of my day to sit back and decided how to appropriately handle each situation that brought about these emotions.


Our emotions and mental health will always ebb and flow with the phases of the moon, but the best way to cope with these emotional changes is to be aware of what energy we expect to feel throughout each moon phase.

While moon energy is will not always be as intense as the last full moon, it is still is good practice to follow through with coping skills that are helpful during any intense energy period.

Cognitive Reframing: When working to reframe a thought, feeling, and emotion you start by reflecting upon each of these (thoughts, feelings, and emotions). Be investigative and ask yourself: are my feelings justified, do they seem rational, am I being transparent? Consider looking at other cognitive distortions such as over-generalizing, black & white thinking, and minimizing/maximizing. Take you findings and view them in a new light.  Meditate and reflect on alternative and more positive ways to view these thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Find a constructive solution instead of continuing to justify irrational thoughts.

Create Boundaries: This ones is a new hot topic, but one that has been around in the counseling world for ages. Boundary setting.  Boundary setting does not always need to be harsh and stiff, it can be flexible in a way that creates a nurturing and safe space for your mental health. During an intense energy time it is helpful to set boundaries with those close to you. Some of the boundaries can be as follows: stating “I need more alone time over the next few days” or “I feel like this weeks energy is strongly effecting me and I need you to be gentle with my feelings”.  It is not about how strict the boundary is, but being transparent about what you need to receive from others.

Using “I” statements: The last coping skill I want to cover is using “I” statements. Using an “I” statement is empowering in the way we can vocalize our thoughts and feelings without embodying them. It gives us the power to tell ourselves and others this is my current state of thoughts and feelings, not who I always am. Changing our verbiage on how we speak to ourselves and others can have and impacting effect.

The next time you feel strong energy coming on try some of these simple coping skills. Reflect on if they come naturally to you or if they are more difficult. These are skills that take time and practice to implement, just like all healing, they happen over time. Please reach out with any questions or comments!




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